2 Ways in Which You Can Help a Recruitment Agency Find You the Right Staff

Posted on: 26 January 2018

If you own a business, using a recruitment service is a great way to quickly source additional temporary staff or to advertise for full-time roles. However, it is vital that you work with the recruitment agency to help to ensure that the staff they supply are the perfect people for your company. Below is a guide to 2 things you should do when working with an agency.

Be clear about the benefits you can offer new staff

When seeking candidates for the positions you are offering, the staff at the recruitment agency will effectively need to sell the role to the people on their books. There is no obligation for anyone to apply for a role, so it is important that you are completely clear about the benefits that working for your company such as yours can bring.

For example, if your company operates flexi-time which allows workers to manage their working hours, this is a major positive. If the work offers the opportunity to earn a commission or a bonus, you should make sure this is listed in the job advert. You should also mention features such as onsite parking and the number of holidays available to staff. All of these things can make working for your company more attractive and can help you to secure the best applicants.

Be clear about what the role involves

When someone who is registered with the recruitment agency is contacted by a rep about a job, it is likely they will want to know as much about the role as possible. The recruitment rep will also want to know about the role so they can attempt to match the skills needed with those who have the right level of training or experience. For these reasons, you should supply a detailed job description which breaks down the tasks which a person in that position would be expected to complete on an average day.

If you simply advertise for an 'office worker' this could mean many things. An office worker could be the person who opens the post and performs general admin, or it could mean someone who works in accounts, or a person who manages a reception area. Each one of these roles requires distinct skills, so make sure you list them when you contact the recruitment consultant.

If you would like further advice, you should give your local recruitment agency a call.


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