How to deal with dry spots on your lawn this summer

Posted on: 29 January 2018

Summer brings with it endless hours of sunshine, and an opportunity to care for the outdoors. However, it also comes with higher temperatures which translate to the possibility of your grass withering, and an increased amount of weed and other pests in the compound. If you want your lawn to survive the summer and become the most glorious part of the neighbourhood, you have to start thinking about proper lawn care and maintenance. Lawn care involves taking time to deal with the areas of the lawn that dry up and are left as brown patches using the following tips.

Protect the lawn from the effects of drought

Many people get dry and brown patches on their lawns because some parts do not get as much water as they are supposed to. To deal with this problem, you should irrigate your lawn to a depth of about a quarter to a half inch once in every four weeks. When the lawn is well-watered regularly, the dry patches will eventually disappear. At the same time, you need to start thinking about watering the lawn whenever the soil dries up. There are some places whose temperatures are so high that you will need to water the lawn every three or four days.

Protecting the lawn from Nitrogen burn

Nitrogen burn is another problem which is very common with lawns. It happens when too much fertiliser is applied to the grass, and also because of dog urine. If you have parts of the lawn which are brown because of these two causes, start by analysing the roots to see if they are dried up like the leaves. If the roots are dry, you have to uproot and replace the patch. However, if the roots are still green, reduce your fertiliser application rate or train your dog not to urinate on the lawn. If the grass has dried up, add some sod in the areas and keep watering it till it starts sprouting.

Protecting the grass shoots from shredding

Grass shoots shed when you mow your lawn with a mower which has dull blades. To prevent this from happening, sharpen the blades of your lawnmower before you go out to the lawn as this will protect your lawn from getting dry patches.

With a little care and guidance, it is possible to transform a dry lawn into the envy of the neighbourhood. Consult experts in landscaping if you have problems which persist after these simple maintenance tips.


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