Diamond Engagement Rings: Choosing the Right one

Posted on: 1 February 2018

It has been said for years that a diamond is a girl's best friend—this has been proven true by the traditional custom of giving women diamond rings during engagement ceremonies. As a result, there has been increasing demand for diamond engagement rings.

These types of rings come in a variety of shapes, styles, colours, and even prices, so choosing the right ring for your fiancée can be a daunting task. Given below are some tips that will be quite handy when it comes to choosing diamond engagement rings:

The 4C's

Diamond engagement rings, and generally all diamonds, are usually classified using the four C's; these are:

Cut: the cut is what determines a diamond's sparkle (also known as brilliance). The cut is the only characteristic of a diamond that is not determined by nature; therefore, if the cut is poorly done, then the general appearance of the diamond is compromised, and a diamond may look dull. Therefore, when choosing a diamond engagement ring, ensure that it produces the most brilliance.

The cut also determines a diamond's shape. There are so many different shapes of diamond rings, with the most popular being emerald-cut, round, asscher-cut, pear-shaped, oval, heart-shaped, marquise cut and radiant-cut. However, most modern diamonds used for engagements are usually round shaped.


There are numerous colours of diamond engagement rings, with white or colourless being the most highly valued. Jewellers value colourless diamonds with grade "D", while the near-colourless ones with slight noticeable colours have a grade of below D to J. This grading system can move up to Z. The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it is, so while choosing a colour, be sure to take the price factor into consideration. You must also note that "fancies" or rare-coloured diamonds can be quite costly.


Many people prefer diamonds with little or no inclusions; however, they are also the most costly. Those with inclusions, also known as "nature's fingerprints", may be more affordable. While inclusions are usually considered faulty, they are mostly invisible to the naked eye, and they give a diamond a certain uniqueness.


This refers to the weight of a diamond. All diamonds are measured using carats, and the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the diamond.

Every professional jeweller should be able to explain the 4C's clearly to you when buying a diamond engagement rings. Once you have a clear understanding of this, you will be able to choose the right diamond to surprise the love of your life with when you are popping the big question.


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