3 Types of Well Pumps You Should Select From

Posted on: 9 February 2018

Are you planning to dig a well to provide water for domestic or agricultural use? Read on and discover some of the types of well water pumps that may be suitable for your application.

Shallow Well Pumps

A shallow well pump is designed to be used to pump water from a relatively shallow depth, such as about 25-feet. The pump is usually installed above grade instead of placing it within the well. Two key features distinguish the best shallow well pumps from others. The first feature is an overload protection mechanism. This feature turns the pump off in case it detects that the motor is overheating due to several factors, such as prolonged usage. The other feature of the best shallow well pumps is a booster tank. This tank helps to increase the pressure of the water from the well so that all points of use will receive water at the same pressure.

Deep Well Pumps

You should consider buying a deep well pump in case you intend to have a deep well, such as one that exceed 100-feet in depth. Deep well pumps are designed to be installed within the well (unlike shallow well pumps which must be placed above ground). It is advisable for you to select a model that has three wires because this version will be easier to maintain. Its controls can be accessed easily because they are above the ground. This is unlike models with two wires. The controls of such a model are on the pump itself. This means that the pump has to be extracted from the well for any maintenance to be done on those controls.

Convertible Well Pumps

Another type of well pump is the convertible well pump. This pump can be used in shallow or deep applications. A jet-well nozzle enables the pump to extract water from a shallow well while an ejector assembly helps to make this pump capable of extracting water from a deep well. This type of pump is ideal in case the water table in your area keeps fluctuating. The pump is installed above ground.

Select the type that is most suited to your needs. Remember that the specific model that you select from your preferred category of well pumps should be able to meet a set of specifications, such as the distance to which it can pump the water after extracting it from the well. Enlist expert help in determining those specifications so that you avoid making a mistake during the selection process.


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