Should Your Building Company Buy a Ute Crane?

Posted on: 29 October 2018

If you run a small building company, then you know that efficiency is key to your success. As a small business, you need to turn a project around quickly and effectively before moving on the next one. A ute crane has some benefits that may help you achieve this. What are they?

Easier Loading and Unloading

When you work on projects, you regularly load and unload heavy building materials and equipment from your ute. This takes time. If you have something heavy to get off your ute, then you'll need a couple of people or more to negotiate the stuff off safely. If you're unloading something heavy that is also fragile, then there is a risk it could break. If the item is really hefty and one of your guys slips or loses their grip because they're straining to hold the weight, then the item could fall and get damaged.

If you have a crane on the ute, you just attach it to the load. The crane then lifts it off the vehicle and puts it safely on the ground where you want it. This is quicker than having a group of guys lift a heavy load; it also decreases the risk of damage.

Better Workforce Management

If you're a small business, you keep your workforce lean to keep costs low. A ute crane helps you manage your workers' time better and may even save you labour costs. For example, if all your crew is unloading, then nobody is free to do other jobs that you could be getting on with. This adds to your project time. Plus, you may need to hire extra workers just for this job if you don't employ enough people to do it. This adds to your labour costs. In addition, heavy loads can cause injuries. You don't want to lose workers to problems like back strains because they've had to get heavy materials off your ute manually. If you have a ute crane, one person can unload anything on their own. Your other guys can get on with other jobs. For example, they could take the materials on to the site and start work. You also don't need to pay extra to get more help.

If a ute crane looks like a good option now, talk to your equipment supplier. They can show you different cranes and tell you more about the things they can do to help you with your jobs.


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