Signage Solutions for Businesses: A Look at Some Common Types of Business Signs

Posted on: 16 October 2019

Whether it is for identification, marketing or providing directions leading to shops, offices, services or other areas, the primary purpose of business signage is to act as a medium to convey certain information to a specific target audience. 

As you can imagine, there are different types of business signs out there, depending on the intended use. Read along to acquaint yourself with some common types of signs available for businesses.

Identification Signs

As their name suggests, these signs are intended to help people to identify a business, facility or room. A digital signboard bearing a company's name and logo would work well to help passersby or motorists to identify a business if it is placed just outside the business premises. 

Likewise, signs installed on doors within an office building can help visitors to identify which rooms they should enter to get served.

Directive Signs 

Imagine if there were no signs to provide visitors with directions at business premises. The employees working at such premises would probably be overwhelmed with having to provide directions repeatedly, right?

This is where directive signs come in. Instead of constantly relying on employees for directions, visitors can simply follow the signs for directions. This leaves your staff with more time to carry out more important tasks.

Safety Signs 

As part of steps to ensure the safety of everyone, businesses are required to install or place the appropriate safety signs in their commercial premises. 

Safety signage must be used whenever a hazard cannot be eliminated completely or reduced in another way. It serves as an informational or caution sign to the reader that they may suffer injury or even death if they don't heed the advice or follow the instructions indicated on the signage.

Signs bearing the words: "Mind Your Head" or "Slippery Floor When Wet" are some examples of safety signs for businesses.

Informative Signs 

Ever spotted one of those, "This area is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance" signs when you enter a commercial building? This is a perfect example of an informative sign. Informative signs provide information about a location or facility, including the services offered.

The above example of an informative sign is intended to caution potential criminals that they are being watched while reassuring customers about their safety.

As you can see, not all business signs are created equal. If you are looking to create the appropriate signs for your business, contact a signage solutions company to discuss your signage needs.


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