What To Look For In Vehicle Wheelchair Restraints

Posted on: 30 November 2019

With almost 200,000 people in Australia using a wheelchair due to a disability, it is no surprise that many industries have risen up to accommodate their needs. Vehicle wheelchair restraints are an important tool that people confined to a wheelchair need to still go about their daily lives. If you are looking to upgrade your wheelchair restraints or perhaps have bought a new vehicle and your old ones are not compatible, then there are several things you should look for. Here are the signs of a quality wheelchair restraints system.

Tracking Systems Are The Best 

When it comes to wheelchair restraints, you should preferably be looking at getting tracking systems. Tracking systems have metal tracks bolted to the floor of the vehicle, and the wheelchair is then fit into them and restrained. Tracking systems have a lot more contact with the wheelchair, which means they have a firmer grip. Remember to always get wheelchair seatbelts that are purposefully made. Often, wheelchair seatbelts are included in the cost of a tracking system, but it always pays to double-check. You don't want to install the system only to find out you have no way to keep yourself in the seat!

If You Use Restraints With Tie-Downs, Get A Retractable System

Tie-downs are used to secure wheelchairs to the vehicle; therefore, it is extremely important that they are kept taut at all times. There are two types of tie-downs: retractable and manual. Manual tie-downs require you to do a lot of manual work to get the tie-downs tight enough to be acceptable. Retractable tie-downs are much simpler, as they are almost always self-tightening. They are also simple to release and get out of the car, making the whole process much more comfortable for the person in the wheelchair and the person helping them.

Always Check Safety Standards

There are a number of regulations that the Australian government has (rightly) imposed on wheelchair restraints. You should always check that a system falls within these guidelines before installing it, and this is a major reason why you should never buy these systems online. There are reputable wheelchair restraints retailers all over the country, and they can provide the installation service as well. All the wheelchair restraints at these establishments have to follow industry rules and regulations, and it is very simple to double-check individual systems for the sign of government approval. 


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