These Jewellery Repairs Are Easy. You Can Handle Them!

Posted on: 12 February 2020

The things you wear often trigger lots of emotional attachment. It the blazer, dress or pair of shoes that you wear to every special function or a small piece of jewellery. Specifically, jewellery often finds a soft spot in your heart because you need it to complement the regular stuff that you wear. However, these pieces are susceptible to damage due to their delicate nature and frequent use. A few tips on how you can handle a damaged piece of jewellery can save you the money you would have used to buy another piece. Here are a few life hacks for you.

Fixing Scratched Gold Pieces 

Are you into gold pieces that highlight all their glitter and glam? Well, your love for such pieces must complement your understanding of dealing with scratches. Gold is a soft metal compared to others like brass or copper. Therefore, anything rubbing against your jewellery forcefully might leave visible scratches, which dents the beauty of the piece.

The go-to remedy is to buff your gold jewellery regularly. Get a suitable polishing cloth from a store near you or check out some popular online stores. An eleven by fourteen-inch cloth will suffice for most jewellery. Clean your gold jewellery and dry it before rubbing it gently against the polishing cloth. 

Reattaching a Missing Stone

Some neckpieces come with decorative stones at the heart of the piece. This adds elegance and style to the piece while enabling you to match it with several pieces of clothes or accessories. Typically, the same material used to make the neckpiece encases stones. Specialized glues are used to hold the stones in position. If you happen to dislodge any of the stones, visit a store near you and get the right type of glue. Refrain from using general, multi-purpose adhesives. 

Clean the back of the stone and apply the glue according to the manufacturer's instructions. Put the stone back in its pocket and let it dry. 

Fixing an Elastic Bracelet

Elastic bracelets are a favourite for many people because of their versatility. Sadly, you cannot repair the old bracelet using the same old string it had. You need to get a new elastic string and arrange the pieces on the bracelet. Finish off with a surgeon's knot to keep the stones in position.

To learn more about repairing and taking care of different kinds of jewellery, contact a jewellery repair shop.


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