Two reasons why beachside restaurants should have elevated commercial decks installed

Posted on: 5 November 2020

If the owner of a beachside restaurant has some outdoor space on their commercial premises, they should consider installing some elevated decking in this area. Read on to learn why.

It can provide restaurant-goers with a better view of the ocean whilst they dine al-fresco

If a restaurant owner already has an outdoor dining section of their restaurant that faces the ocean, putting elevated decking in this area could provide the owner's customers with a much better view of this beautiful sight than the current dining set-up does. Putting the outdoor dining furniture on top of an elevated deck will mean that those who sit in this area will not have their view of the beach and the ocean obstructed by ground-level people and objects, such as beach-goers, benches, beach huts or ice-cream vans.

As such, the placement of this decking could create a bigger demand for seating in this area of the restaurant, which could then lead to the owner reaping higher profits than they did previously. If a restaurant owner decides to install an elevated deck that can only be accessed by going up an incline, they should ensure that they add both steps and a ramp to this feature so that wheelchair-using diners can also book and access this part of their restaurant.

It can create a clean and semi-private outdoor dining space

The other reason why a restaurant owner should consider installing elevated decking is that it could create a clean and somewhat private outdoor area for their customers to eat in. Whilst the owner could put a few tables and chairs directly on the ground outside their restaurant, doing this may result in, for example, rubbish dropped by beach-goers and sand from the beach being blown under the dining tables by the breeze; this could make the customers' dining experience less pleasant. Furthermore, in this setting, they are more likely to have their meals interrupted by, for example, stray cats or dogs walking by who may be drawn to the tables by the food on them.

An elevated deck enclosed by a solid barrier could protect the restaurant-goers from much of the sand, rubbish and other disruptions, whilst still enabling them to enjoy the pleasures of dining outdoors. It will also provide some privacy and ensure that those dining in the area don't feel that their conversations and their meals can be heard and seen by random people who walk by.

If you have additional questions about decking, reach out to a local deck contractor.


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