How To Convert Containers To Suit Your Business Needs

Posted on: 20 October 2021

As rent and lease prices soar, business owners have developed innovative ways to reduce the costs of renting or leasing space. One way is the use of shipping containers. They can be converted into storage, office, or retail space, depending on your business needs. Shipping containers are cheap, flexible, and mobile if you need to move them to a different location. The article below discusses how you can convert shipping containers to suit your business needs. 

Space Considerations

Your immediate concern should be where you will place the container. Ideally, you should have adequate space on your premises. Given that the container will be delivered by a crane truck, the area must also be accessible. However, the delivery company could use rollers to move the container if the site is not accessible to the truck. You should also check strata and local council laws to establish if you are allowed to place a container at the front of your premises. In some cases, you may have to pay a small fee. 

Buying A Shipping Container

Below are some guidelines to help you as you purchase the container: 

  • Establish a suitable size. If possible, go for a larger container than you need since your needs could increase over time.
  • Always go for the highest-grade container. Containers sold in as-is condition may not be durable.
  • When shipping the container from abroad, insist on seller guarantees and a friendly return policy. Besides, you could ask for escrow payment services. This prevents you from incurring losses if the company sends the wrong container.
  • Always compare the pricing of various dealers. Make sure that you are aware of extra charges such as shipping and taxes. Always ask for a discount and complimentary services such as free shipping. 

Conversion And Customisation 

Check the internet for ideas on how you can customise the container to suit your business needs. For example, if you intend to use it as a storage space, you could install shelves and a climate control unit. If the container will be used as an office, you may need larger doors and windows. Besides, you could tile the floor, install lighting and divide it into several compartments. Suppose you plan to use the container as a restaurant. In this case, you could build a rooftop patio where customers can relax and enjoy the cityscape. The container could serve as a kitchen with a ground deck for customers who do not wish to dine at the rooftop. The general customisation rule is to work with experienced and accredited companies with numerous positive reviews from their clients. 


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